Legal regulations

The Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75 /EU of the European Parliament and Council adopted on 24thof November 2010, contains a list of new emission limits regulating the emission of the harmful gases and dust to the atmosphere. The Regulation applies to certain types of industrial installations, combustion plants and combustion and co-incineration facilities. Emission standards presented in the form of attachments indicate, among others on the tendency to reduce permissible dust emissions. At the content of 11% oxygen in the exhaust gases, for the thermal waste treatment plant, the permissible emission of solid particles to the environment on an average daily basis is 10 mg/m3, while the 30-minute average - 30 mg/m3. In the case of biomass-powered energy installations, the average value in thirty minutes is 50 mg/m3.

In the case of installations fired with solid fuels, such levels of particulates(dust)emissions cannot be guaranteed by separators using gravity and centrifugal force as the only force driving the filtration process. In order to comply with the latest emission standards, such installations should be equipped with electrostatic filters.