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Economic progress and an awakening to more in the way of ecology has caused increased need to maintain clear air in industrial districts. Electrostatic precipitators, which operating principle is based on electrostatics, are characterized as the most efficient precipitators. Polish company ELENERGY offers several filtering devices, that are adapted to industrial power installations.

Constantly festering permitted emissions caused an increasing demand for devices for exhaust gas treatment. ELENERGY has confronted the market needs offering high-efficiency electrostatic precipitators. The project has been created in conjunction with Flow-through Machinery Institute (Polish Science Academy). An advance knowledge of electrostatics and fluid dynamics connected with many years of experience guarantee high quality of our devices.

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Uruchomienie pierwszego filtra ELEN 1500


ELEN 1000 na plantacji Spargel Janßen!


Kolejna instalacja pracuje z naszym filtrem


Electrostatic Dust Collection

The essence of dust collectors

The emission of the dust created in some industrial processes to the atmosphere is serious hygiene and ecological issue. The festering…


Legal regulations

The Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75 /EU of the European Parliament and Council adopted on 24thof November 2010, contains a…


Operation and maintenance

The electrofilters offered by ELENERGY are fully automated devices. The user’s main responsibilities are limited to controlling…


Advantages of electrofilters

Electrofilters are capable of very high de-dusting efficiency reaching up to 99%, which is possible due to extracting even the smallest…


Principles of electrofilters

The electrostatic precipitators offered by ELENERGY consist of two main parts: a collection chamber and a DC-powered high voltage…


Dust collector

Industrial dusters At the present times dust collecting process exists in a lot of industry branches. It is related not only to implementation…


Electrofilters manufacturer

We manufacture and distribute high quality eletrostatic precipitators, these are often used and valued devices in industry. Are you…


Electrostatic precipitators- operation and application

Electrostatic precipitators are widely used in removing even very small dirt particles, cleaning the air and dedusting gases of various…



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