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We manufacture and distribute high quality eletrostatic precipitators, these are often used and valued devices in industry. Are you interested in what distinguishes our electrostatic precipitators? What work they do? What is their operating principle?

  1. What are electrofilters?
  2. What is principle of operation of electrostatic precipitators?
  3. What are the adventages of high quality electrostatic precipitators?
  4. Where are electrostatic precipitators used?
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What are electrofilters?


They are removal devices that remove dust from the gas by means of the electrostatic force. Electrostatic precipitators allow industrial plants to remove pollution and emit gases that meet the reguirements of international conventions, while households help to use coal for fuel without polluting the air and reducing or even eliminating urban smog.



What is the principal of electrofilters?


It has already been mentioned earlier that electrofilters operate on the principle of electrostatic force. More specifically, dust particles are given an electric charge through the phenomenon of flyover. In other words, as a result of the corona discharge caused, the electrode is lowered and then the dust particles receive a charge from the ionized gas. The next step is the use the electrophoresis, i.e the migration of particles to an electrode with an opposite charge. In this way, dust is removed almost 99 percent.


What are the advantages of high quality electrofilters?


The basic advantage of electrostatic precipitators is their very high efficiency, amounting to a minimum of 99 percent. What's more, electrostatic precipitators allow for continuous dedusting of really large amounts of gas - they can also be hot gases. It is also worth mentioning the really small number of moving parts in such a filter.


Where are they applicable?


Electrofilters are used not only in factories and factories at industrial boilers fired with coal, but also in coking plants. Electrostatic precipitators allow to reduce the level of dust not only in large and medium industrial plants but also small entrepreneurs. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.


In our offer you will find electrofilters adapted to any type of industry and of various sizes, thanks to which we are able to adapt them to any enterprise. Our technical department will be happy to provide you with detailed information on individual ESPs and their capabilities.